Stand out and make business!

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Business Strategy

Stand out and make business!

Sit down and be quiet or stand out and make business! 

If, as a business owner someone told you to sit down and be quiet you’d be both extremely annoyed and flabbergasted that someone would and could say such a thing.

After all, you are trying to run a business, and how can you achieve that by being quiet. 

Yet when I tell you to stand up, speak your voice, be heard and become a leading voice most are still not taking action; but the opposite to speaking out is being quiet.

These might sound like strong words but think carefully, are you muting yourself?

Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT! 


So what can standing out actually do for you and your business?

Below, I cover just a few of the many results achievable when becoming a leading voice, or thought leader in your industry.

You stand out from a crowd as you’ve established why people follow you and look for your content.

Being a leading voice means you regularly give out free value-added content to your customers for your industry. This high-quality content distributed widely either through word of mouth, online platforms or traditional networking will increase your presence.

People know about you because your name has been mentioned as someone to ask for help, insight or guidance.

As you continue the cycle of giving out more content your profile and visibility will continue to grow.

You reinforce your buyers buying decision.

Fifty-seven per cent of buyers have already made their mind up before they make that call to you or invite you for a meeting. This is almost 6 out of every 10 buyers.

Being a leading voice capitalises on this. Your reputation as a leading voice precedes you, all the hard work you have invested in learning and delivering high-quality content helps when it comes to buyers viewing you as credible and trustworthy.

Another stat from the Edelman-LinkedIn research shows that 48% of decision makers are influenced in purchase decisions by ‘thought leadership’ which is another term for leading voice.

You are sought out to comment and speak.

By offering high quality content and insights into your industry from customers right through to competitors you generate good publicity for yourself.

You will get asked to be a guest speaker on podcasts, to guest write on a blog, to attend speaking events, share pieces for local membership organisations, etc.

As you do more of these your standing is elevated and your publicity grows too. Remember to keep learning and educating yourself to keep the cycle going.

People want to work with you.

Being a leading voice in your industry creates a sense of excitement around working with you. People like to work with someone who has their trust and can enhance their reputation.

By working with you other business owners know that it gives them a competitive advantage. It’s also a two for one offer because you are recognised in your industry as someone who is willing to invest the time into learning and creating great content other business owners want to work with you.

Collaboration increases because they know they can improve their business by increasing their knowledge and skills alongside you. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship because you can learn from being with people who have fresh ideas and perspectives on things you already know about.

So what’s the next step

When starting out the first thing you need to do is learn! Learn the skills that fit what it is you hoped to become, so head to Amazon and grab my book.

Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy filled full of information on how to stand up and be counted while tracking and monitoring your sales success. This book also helps you be accountable to someone you know, me.

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Additional to that you can join my free Facebook Group – The Sales Mindset Group which gives you a ready-made platform so that you can become a leading voice. With over 1600 members there is a target audience waiting for you.

Finally, don’t forget that continuous training is always important if you don’t continue to learn you’re not advancing your skills or experience. So head over to my training page and learn modern sales for business professionals.

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