Start 2021 With A Healthy Sales Pipeline.

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Sales Execution

Start 2021 With A Healthy Sales Pipeline.

Start 2021 with a healthy sales pipeline.

For most of us the period between Christmas and New Year is time to relax, congratulate ourselves on a successful Christmas Day, think what we want from 2021.

The inner workings of our businesses and what we need to do for 2021, although niggling in our minds, have been pushed to the back.

But what if we spent this time working on our business, not in our business, and particularly building our Sales Mindset for 2021. 

In this week’s blog I want to talk about the importance of using a sales pipeline, give you a little bit of understanding of how one works, and give you the access to the training to help you start January strongly. 

So why use a sales pipeline to prioritise your sales activity?

Just before Christmas I was discussing with a local decorator how long it takes someone to convert from first contact.

He claimed most converted within 48 hours and said it with a sense of glee.

As most salespeople will tell you, the days of converting people within 48 hours have long gone.

Working with this decorator I soon discovered that he was starting his sales pipeline at the quote stage and ending at the sale. he was only really operating in the Negotiate to Payment phases in SPANCOP.

Critically he was missing out anyone in his numbers that should be considered at either the Suspect, Prospect, or Approach and Analyse. Phases.

These are 3 key areas that will give you more data, and more people that are interested in your services that might be missed when all they need is a little bit more nurturing. 

Having an effective sales pipeline with different stages will allow you to see and monitor those within it and prioritise those that are in each stage of the funnel differently, allowing you to close more prospects.

Worried that this might take up more time you just do not have?

I appreciate that time is at a premium, and sometimes there is no other way to get my point across than just saying ‘trust me’.

Through all my years in sales I’ve seen salespeople and small business owners waste time chase Suspects that aren’t going to convert, and not enough time on those that need a little nudge over the line.

Replacing that time, gradually over the next several months with a sales pipeline of credible Prospects will make a hugely positive influence in your business.


Not sure if it’s going to make a difference?

Looking back at when I last covered this topic, I discussed the importance of following up with prospects.

As a sales professional it’s commonly known that it takes between 5 and 12 touches to convert a Prospect but without knowing where they are in the sales process you won’t know how many touches they’ve previously had.

A touchpoint refers to a voicemail, email, or live conversation, and in a modern selling world a social media conversation.

Knowing this, knowing who they are and where they fit into a sales pipeline makes a positive difference.

As you get used to working with a sales pipeline you can look further understand what qualifies a Suspect to become a Prospect so you can begin to hone your sales skills and increase your conversion rate. 

Not sure where to start?

When I mention the need for a sales pipeline, the question is where to start?

So if you’re looking to get the edge over the New Year head over to my website and sign up to my free SPANCOP online training course.

Thanks for 2020

Finally, thank you for following me throughout 2020.

It’s been an extremely tough and unpredictable year but the fact that you’re still here, learning and developing your sales skills.

I really hope that 2021 be brighter for us all and offer us further chances to grow and develop. 

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