The Sales and Marketing Divide

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Business Strategy

The Sales and Marketing Divide

The Sales and Marketing Divide is conquered when both sides understand their value to each other. Becoming a team instead of two competing sides helps with greater collaboration and a clearer message for buyers.

What if it’s just you in your business? You take on all of the onus of checking your marketing feeds into your sales which then feeds back into your marketing. You are entirely responsible for the success of both, some might say that it offers the advantage of knowing what works best and avoiding any confusion.

Let’s take a look at some of the top tips to help with your sales and marketing alignment regardless of whether you’re a seller, a solopreneur, or run an SME.

Recognise the 2 sides of the coin and review and measure…adapt and repeat.

As mentioned in my previous blog, check what is working well in terms of marketing that leads to sales. When you know where you are having your successes you can use this to gain further leads and prospective buyers. It’ll take some work on your part but if you measure the outcomes of your marketing by asking your customer where they saw your marketing you can use this information to feed into your marketing strategy.

If the majority of them came via an email campaign then use this to craft more brilliant emails that capture your prospects. In contrast, if most of them saw you writing on LinkedIn and checked for trust via reviews then use this to keep conversations going on LinkedIn and keep asking for reviews from buyers. Use what works well to keep the momentum in generating leads and prospects.

Brush up on the skills you don’t have and remember much of this can be outsourced but you still need the plan!

No one is expected to be a genius in all areas of business from sales to marketing and right through to product innovation. However, this shouldn’t stop you from pushing forward with your dream of having your own successful business. Recognise your strengths and weaknesses, where you can use continuing professional development to gain better knowledge and understanding of those areas that are not your strengths.

If finances allow it, hire someone to do the work for you. This could be as simple as outsourcing work e.g. if you cringe at the thought of telesales hire someone or if Facebook Ads confuse you then hire someone to make yours. Delegate the work to someone else but the best leaders still keep in touch to check the person they’ve delegated to has everything they need or to answer any questions.

Be credible in your claims and remember the pros and cons of discounting

In a previous blog a few weeks ago I mentioned that one of the frustrations is business owners feel they need to offer huge discounts to get sales. If 90% of businesses in your sector are doing this of course you’re going to feel peer pressure to compete with them by doing the same.

If offering a discount fits in with your overall research on your audience then by all means offer a discount but keep in mind your audience research and what works for them. You need to keep credibility with your target audience and buyers so offer appropriate discounts and don’t claim to 10x sales etc if this is unrealistic.

Content is collateral in the modern buyers’ journey and you need to work out the channels, communities, and platforms they are on.

I ask this a lot do you know your buyer persona? Do you know who they are and where to find them? If you know who they are you have a better understanding of where you might find them. For example, if you are a dog grooming business you might try to be target pet owners aged 45-55, who have adult children, enjoy walking, gardening, and traveling in their spare time.

You might not expect to find this buyer looking at pictures of dogs on Instagram. However, you may find them on Facebook using it as a way of staying in touch with family so you might choose to run a Facebook Ad explaining the benefits of pet grooming and appealing to their love of pampering their pooch. I hope this gives you something to think about when it comes to your buyer persona and where to find them.

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