Where did that one go and how did that happen!

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Business Strategy, Growth Management, Sales Execution, Sales Leadership

Where did that one go and how did that happen!

I reminded myself this morning that two years ago The Sales Mindset Coach did not exist. Yes, January marks two years of The Sales Mindset Coach as a brand and a brand with a mission to break down the stigma associated with sales and make selling easy!

It’s a strange thing to reflect on that journey and how after 30 years in corporate sales (23 with Shell International) that The Sales Mindset Coach fills my day with so much energy and drive.

As I look back on 2019 I can honestly say with immense pride that The Sales Mindset Coach has had a very energetic year and been very productive indeed. 

The biggest surprise is that The Sales Mindset Coach has become a notable Sales Trainer! I never saw this coming as I thought my sales consultancy was where I would end up but I have quickly established my methodology and syllabus into sales training workshops and an ecosystem that resonates with business owners and sellers alike.

In fact, I would say that once upon a time I told my team that “I am not a sales trainer!” 

In this short blog, I just wanted to take a trip with some tangible things that have come out of the year and make up The Sales Mindset Coach’s ecosystems as I look forward to 2020.

The Sales Mindset Group – This very engaged and active community has grown to over 1500 members and continues to stimulate, challenge and motivate business owners who sell and sellers in sales teams. The group is a very safe place for people to learn, engage and seek help on all matters sales. The group follows The Sales Mindset Coach’s sales syllabus and works through a topic a month ant a time, really exploring all aspects of the topic, providing sales hints, sales tips and sales best practices.

Why not join us by jumping over to Facebook 👉🏼 HERE.

The Sales Growth Club Live Sales Training workshops – Over 70 business owners have joined me and worked through my Sales Syllabus during 2019.

The feedback from the attendees has been so rewarding and after the workshops you should see me as I’m absolutely buzzing! I just love getting a group of business owners in a room and spend time working though my sales syllabus and seeing the positive impact it has on them! Even better is capturing their thoughts on video as reviews.

Take a look here and what Sue Frost of Sue Frost Consulting has to say 👇🏼


In my previous blog you would have seen that The Sales Growth Club Live Sales Training workshops 2020 programme has been announced.  My desire to get full rooms and make this training affordable has me pricing individual workshops costing only £49 and a special discounted offer of £99 if you sign up to the three Sales Training Workshops.

Check out the 2020 schedule here 👇🏼

Live Events

Funnel Vision – The Board Game – Now this wasn’t even in my 2019 plans but boy what a crack it’s been working on building a board game with Katie Bain of Games Explorers that brings Sales Pipeline Management to life. I have sat through hours and hours of mind-numbing sales training and this is the motivation that feeds my desire to make my sales training workshops engaging, participative and energetic. Funnel Vision The Board Game takes it to a whole new level!!!

Thank you to all the Sheffield business owners who helped in all the game playtesting to help us build a product that now can boast Whitbread Premier Inn as a customer. Just listen to what their senior Sales Managers had to say after the Sales Training!

Premier Inn Get Funnel Vision

Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy – The Book – I’m very proud to have finally got my sales “philosophy” in a book and that I’m now able to share this in a book that has been incredibly well-received. Actually it’s been read across the world, Israel, Mexico, India, Philippines, Malaysia – wow!

My thanks to Neil Anderson of Neil Anderson Media for the hours we spend from early summer to late autumn working through what would go in the book. So far we have made number two in the Amazon Sales and marketing charts and continue to sell that elusive number one spot.

What I have been able to do is provide all those that read my book access to download all the sales tool and templates free of charge, so, not only do you get my sales approach by reading the book you also get all the sales tools to use as well.

I’m sure that whilst reading the book you’ll notice the most amazing images, graphics and tables. These were created by the amazing Tracey Stead of Sable Creative.

Why not help us get to number one spot and buy your copy of Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy here 👇🏼

The Accelerator Programme – If you want to take immediate action and ownership of your sales development you can sign up and complete my online sales training programme.

Taking you through each of the stages in my The Sales Mindset Coach Sales syllabus you can build your sales plan at your own pace. You’ll build your plan in your workbook, be kept accountable and motivated by weekly videos and see your efforts create more sales.

See what Simon Adams of Freedom in Numbers had to say after taking The Accelerator 👇🏼

The Accelerator Programme is only £400 you can start building your sales plan today. To find out more here and follow my sales methodology here 👇🏼

The Accelerator Programme

A massive shout out to Chris Edwards of Social Elevator and Rob Taylor of 0114 Marketing for supporting and inspiring The Sales Mindset Coach..long may our journey continue!

So what does 2020 look like to me – well it looks exciting, busy and full! I am so excited to get things off to a fast start and help as many business owners and sellers, sell more! There must be something for you here and I’d be delighted to welcome you into The Sales Mindset Coach eco system of Sales Training.

We’re back….and I have I got something special for you!

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