The Times They Are A-Changin’

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The Times They Are A-Changin’

Well the the times are changing and you have to decide if you, or how much, you’re going change with them.

You know better than anybody how the times are changing for your business and exactly how the lockdown has forced you to look at what you sell, how you sell it and importantly how your customer wants to buy it.

I recognise a change has been forced regarding my sales training and I’ve been listening to your feedback and responded to support your business whilst ensuring my business continues to be here to offer that support.

I know you’ve been with me on my journey for a long time now and I thought it would be helpful if I set out in this article the “virtual” help you can call on from The Sales Mindset Coach going forward.

Why not click play and listen to Bob as you read on through this article.

There are so many ways for us to learn

Sales trainers like myself provide a solution to your training needs in a variety of formats because how you like to consume, retain and use information is different from others. I would point out just like your buyers and that’s a sales tip for you right there. Take a read of this article that might just help you The Holding Pattern In Sales and register for this free webinar How to Effectively Talk to Your Customer Before They’re Ready to Buy!

My advice is to find your learning preference and commit to 1 hour of learning every day. I mean why wouldn’t you want to continually develop your skills, your knowledge and your mindset to better you’re sales outcomes?

In my Facebook Group, The Sales Mindset Group, I asked the question about learning preferences and as you can see the poll showed a varied response. It’s not one size fits all.

Be careful as self diagnosis might be the problem

Self diagnosis has become a massive advantage in today’s world. Everything we could possibly want or need is a click or a video away.

This has led to an incredible resource being at our fingertips that can be used to train and prepare us for experiences and activities. It can also send us on the wrong path and reinforce our preferences or bad habits that have got us into a mess in the first place.

It’s also a place where you can go blind just by the sheer about of choices and options available. Perhaps finding your way through the modern day guru is a bit hit and miss.

We can start working out just how I might be able to help and which of The Sales Mindset Coach services would be the most relevant.

Ditch the self diagnosis and book a free 30 minute sales consultation with me. Is simple to do and my diary is here for you. Who knows we just might find something that will help you with your sales skill, mindset or outcomes – maybe all three!

Book your chat here

Interactive Webinars – The Sales Growth Club Live is back!

Well this is new kind of live it’s going to be through interactive live webinars.

I’ve decided to open my full The Sales Mindset Coach Syllabus to 3 webinars at the cost of only £25 per training session and I’m limiting the “room” size to 25 as I want to focus on the personalisation and intimacy of the training session. Just like the previous live “live” versions, I will send you your workbook and we will build your sales plan together.

Let me remind you what we will cover in the Webinars

🟦 Sales In Your Business Plan – Sales Objectives , Strategies and Tactics, Target Customers and Intro to the Sales Funnel

🟨 Growth Management – The Sales Funnel. Prospect Profiles. SMART Targets and Personal Development.

🟪 Sales Execution – Sales Pipelines, Pre-call Planning, Post-call Intelligence and Customer Retention.

Click the Webinars link to find the event, date and time that works for you and remember these are only £25 per event.

Books are still so important in the learning mix

Being able to sit down, take a break with a good cup of coffee and pick up a good book is some peoples idea of heaven. I struggle with fiction. I have a few authors I like and read those cover to cover, Simon Kernick is one of those, but I much prefer to sit down with a self development book.

My book Funnel Vision Selling Made Easy has been an Amazon bestseller and help thousands of businesses owners and sellers around the world.

Whilst you’re reading the book I take you through why my philosophy to sales is so deep rooted and I show you step by step how you can implement The Sales mindset Coach sales syllabus to get better sales results and outcomes.

You can buy it here and it’s available as a paperback or on Kindle

Whilst you’re in the book buying mind please check out these books written by my sales friends:

Niraj Kapur – The Easy Guide to Sales For Business Owners, Tony Morris – Coffee for Closers and Daniel Disney – The Million Pound LinkedIn Message

Online learning – Making The Accelerator and Plan.Grow.Do. affordable

Helping businesses with their sales skills, sales mindset and sales results is the reason I do what I do. My belief is that the effects of this pandemic will be long felt by business owners and sellers.

One of the things I have decided to in support of this effect is making my The Accelerator Online Sales Training Course accessible and affordable to everybody at for ONLY £47.

Working through The Sales Mindset Coach syllabus plus, The Accelerator will help you put everything together in one awesome Sales Plan.

✅ Sales In Your Business Strategy

  • Create a Winning Sales Strategy
  • Build rock solid links between your sales and marketing
  • Generate Sales through Customer Feedback
  • Build a Networking Plan that connects you to the right people
  • Become an influencer in your field as a result of your success

✅ Growth Management

  • Set meaningful sales targets and be able to forecast effectively
  • Identify and convert your ideal prospects
  • Take ownership of your self-development and how to translate that into sales performance
  • Drive accountability in others to deliver results.
  • Manage your time to focus on growth

✅ Sales Execution

  • Master a winning pipeline full of opportunities
  • Grow sales from areas you may not have explored
  • Generate more sales from your existing customers
  • Lose your fear of cold calling and learn how to master it to keep your pipeline flowing
  • Track and analyse your sales performance

Why not take a look at my available online courses and if you’re unsure which one is for you then remember my earlier offer of a free sales chat!

There’s so much at your finger tips

I fully understand that the first step into a virtual training or self development relationship could be daunting. Actually, moving my training from the classroom online has been daunting for me, but I’ve got there. I also now believe that the quality of my online training gets as close as it can to that of the classroom.

The benefits, well, it’s affordable, you manage the learning at your own pace, you keep the content for a lifetime and can reuse it and your business needs change. I’m sure there’s many more, all I ask is when you consider your sales training that you consider me.

Good selling!

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