Tips on How to Ask For Customer Feedback

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Business Strategy

Tips on How to Ask For Customer Feedback

3 Tips on How to Ask For Customer Feedback

As I bring this month’s topic, customer feedback, to a close it would be great to get your response on how well my blogs, Facebook group and any course that you’ve been on has helped you and your business.

You can leave it via GoogleFacebook or if you’ve read my book via Amazon.

There you go, it’s simple ?

Publicly available feedback for businesses such as mine, yours, and any that promote themselves online is the lifeblood of our marketing material.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs it’s important for promoting the brand, marketing products, and services, answering questions, developing trust, highlighting the industries and brands you have experience working with, and helping you know when you’re doing things right.

If you’ve followed my recent blogs you’ll have the knowledge of how to use feedback, but I hear from many that getting feedback isn’t so simple.

Below Im sharing some tips that I use to get feedback from my customers.

Pick 3 reviews sites.

Above I’ve given you three links to leave a review, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

By giving three I’m offering enough choice to make it easy for the customer to leave a review on the platform that is best for them.

If I offered just one, such as Google, I might be limiting it for anyone that doesn’t have a Google account.

The same would apply to Facebook.

However, by offering too many channels, such as 5 or 6 review sites, I’m offering too much choice and confusing the customer.

Additionally, too many reviews sites will make it harder for you to monitor and control.

Ultimately making less likely your next customer will easily find you.

After all that’s why you are goring reviews isn’t it, to win more business?

Ask a different stages of the pipeline.

Most businesses wait until the service has been fully delivered before asking for a review.

But that can be too late.

The customer has got everything they need from the relationship and has no incentive to leave feedback.

As much as you’d like to believe, being nice and supporting you as a supplier is not an incentive. 

So ask earlier in the relationship when there’s more need and a desire for the customer to feedback on how the product or service is working for them.

You could focus the questions on the sales process, onboarding process, or anything that’s impacted your customers’ success early on.

Should you get a review before you’ve fully delivered the service, don’t hold back on asking again at the very end.

Consider the type of review that’s right for you.

There are so many different types of customer feedback forms that sometimes knowing what to use and how to deliver them can be overwhelming.

Think about what would work best for both your customer and your business.

If your customer is online, they might prefer a digital form, or if you deliver a traditional service with no online presence paper feedback might be best.

If you’re providing a low-cost product your customer might prefer a quick Net Promoter score, while those that are spending hundreds of pounds might prefer a more in-depth feedback form where they discuss issues and successes in detail.

Additionally, I mentioned making sure it’s right for you too.

Make sure that whatever you do is easy for you to read, collate, and that you use the information. 

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