To Sell or Not to Sell is the Question?

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Sales Leadership

To Sell or Not to Sell is the Question?

To sell or not to sell, this question is being debated across all our Social Media platforms right now isn’t it.

The answer is a resounding YES – SELL!

You know me and you know that I will be saying sell, don’t stop – you can’t stop.

People still need what you do, you are still solving problems and you are still adding value.

What might have changed is how your buyer is buying and how they want to buy it.

I know some of us are having a real hard time right now and I totally get that.

Actually I’ve described this as feeling like a tap was turned off.

The flow of training I had scheduled to deliver stopped (well was postponed 🤞🏼) and the lead generation activity was all of a sudden leading to dead ends.

I understand the reason people are asking the question “To Sell or Not to Sell”, but, does that mean that buyers aren’t buying?

A clear connection to ethos and ethics


You can only sell to a qualified Prospect.

There are three filters that guide my sales qualification before I tag someone a Prospect.

This is all about removing luck and you can read more about that here – Removing luck from your sales

I know that there is subtlety and nuance but below are three pieces I want to have in place before I consider selling:

There’s an agreement that you might want or need my product or service.

That we’ve established that you have the budget to enter a project or transaction.

We are clear on the decision making process and that you have the authority to spend the budget.

I don’t want your car right now


You can’t sell snow to the eskimos right and you can’t sell to someone who isn’t buying or someone who says “no”

Some sales trainers will tell you “that no doesn’t really mean no it’s because you haven’t worked out the need and matched your offer to that need”

I counter that because if I’ve just bought a car and you try sell me one I won’t need another, I’ve already got one.

You’re late, you’ve missed me, sorry that just how it is – I don’t need or want what you’re selling.

This doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it doesn’t mean your a bad seller and it doesn’t mean you product is bad.

It just means I’m not in the buying moment. Move on and find someone else who is looking for a car.

The message is that you sell when a buyer is ready to buy and some buyers are ready to buy today – so you have to sell!


The buying journey has changed


Now you can help them move through the buying journey (that’s your job by the way).

What might of happened is that that budget that was put aside or allocated for you is now being use for something different.

It’s being used in the cash flow mix to keep a business afloat.

Or, what you were selling and they were buying has just been de-prioritised.

This doesn’t mean the deal is dead it just means that the Cycle Time is likely to be longer, you still have to sell!

*Cycle Time = the period the deal sits between Prospect and Order


The decision is no longer theirs to make


Authority levels in many case have jumped up a level or two.

This means your contact can no longer sign off on the spend or activity that they were once responsible for.

Their decision making authority is now back with the business owner or the senior directors.

Worse than that the department is currently not in full operation and the person you were working with is furloughed.

The long and short is your sale has gone backwards, stalled or been lost.

But you need to follow up and understand exactly where each opportunity was and is now.

You may have to re-establish, restart, build a new relationship and sell!


The way forward is to find those golden nuggets


Take a look this video on my YouTube Channel and learn more about my Sales Funnel SPANCOP

Whilst there why not subscribe and watch the follow up video “SPANCOP – Numbers Example”


The conclusion is that sellers need to:

🔥 Stand up and been counted – don’t wait


🔥 Continue and increase their levels of prospecting.


🔥 Add even more value and insight.


🔥 Create momentum to sustain and provide wealth.


🔥 Sell!

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