Top tips for finding your ideal audience

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Growth Management

Top tips for finding your ideal audience

Top tips for finding your ideal audience

When TiVo launched in 1999, the idea was to revolutionise the market through digital video recorders. The idea was simple: customers could record TV to watch later. In theory, a very simple marketing message such as “Watch TV how you want,” or in their own words “TiVo is TV your way.”

But they failed spectacularly despite having a product that could pause live TV and skip ad breaks. 

Just why did they fail?

They failed to send out a consistent marketing message that their ideal audience could see, understand and relate to. They didn’t tell their ideal audience how much better their TiVo boxes were than cable DVRs.

TiVo wasn’t able to articulate their ‘why’ to their ideal audience, they didn’t tell us that we could get “total control back over every aspect of our life”. 

To help understand what when wrong, you’ll want to see Simon Sinek’s full Ted Talk on ‘Start With Why’.

So what can you do to avoid the same fate? Here are just four of the many points I often talk about. If after reading you want to know more, use the links at the bottom of the article. 

Use data to find your ideal audience

There are so many tools online for you to access Google Analytics to Facebook Pixel. Use them with your sales funnel and your CRM system to get a good sense of whether your sales and marketing message is resonating with the right people – your ideal audience.

If you are a bit unsure of who your target audience is these tools will help you to understand who you are speaking to. All of these tools will give you information on your ideal audience behaviours, interests, hobbies, job title, job sectors and other unique information. 

Stay consistent with your sales and marketing message

Your message to your ideal audience needs to be consistent. When you identify who your ideal audience is you can craft a sales and marketing message that targets their pain points.

Using a vague sales and marketing message that you hope will include everyone ends up not targeting anyone.

Why is this?

Because there is never enough information in your message to spark someone’s interest. Instead of having a vague sales and marketing message, make it relevant, helpful, and specific to pain points.

Quick tip: Remember, stats show prospects broadly need to hear your message 8 times before converting them.

Be prepared to adapt and change

What your customers wanted at the start of 2020 is likely to be different from what they want in this covid world.

For example, where previously customers might have been happy to take their family pet to a grooming salon and wait, now they might be more inclined towards a mobile grooming salon so that they can avoid being in public places.

Covid has changed the way people interact with public places and for those who are vulnerable or live with others who are vulnerable behaviours will change.

Recognise how your ideal audience has been affected by covid and adapt to these changes. You don’t need to keep track of everyone, just your ideal audience and survey these to find out their pain points, including how these might have changed over the last 7 months.

Work out the return on investment

In my previous blog I explained how you could work out the conversion rate or close rate. Use this every so often to check your return on investment.

Keep this up to date with your ideal audience and make sure that what you’re doing is effective. Make sure you’re getting those sales, if not you might need to reconsider who you’re targeting.

So what do I do next?

As we come to the end of discussing your ideal audience and move onto taking ownership of your self-development, I advise you to jump ahead and prepare by getting your copy of my book Funnel Vision – Selling Made Easy, and start on your self-development journey.

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