Top Tips for Post Call Reporting

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Sales Execution

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting

This week I wanted to pull them all together and give you my Top Tips for Post Call Reporting.

Before that let me remind you why writing things down is so vitally important.

When are you as an individual more likely to write down important information? Is it:

  1. Immediately after hearing it
  2. 5 minutes after hearing it
  3. 1 hour after hearing it
  4. At the end of the day

Picking up from last week, remember that a person will forget between 40% to 70% of the information within 24 hours, but as shown below in the forgetting curve graph from Growth engineering.

Writing down information and using that to remind ourselves and our prospects within a certain period of time is fundamental in helping retain the information discussed.

So how much do you forget when waiting to write down both what was mentioned and the key ongoing action points?

How much does your prospect forget, especially during your prospecting calls?

Still not sure? 

I’ve created 4 top tips which will help explain the importance and need for post call reporting.

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting number one: There’s no time like the present!

I’ve highlighted in the graph above we forget 40% of the information within 24 hours, but some industry professionals state that it could be that more than half of what we learn we forget in the first hour.

So those all important details from your call are likely to be forgotten e.g. what event they are going to this year, if they mentioned their anniversary, etc.

Even more worryingly, after 24 hours you’ll have forgotten between 50-80% of what you learned.

It’s a cliché but “Strike while the iron is hot!” is top tip number 1.

Some people prefer to make bullet points while on a call instead of relying on the old noggin’ but you can also do it after the call.

The point I’m trying to emphasise here is don’t wait until the end of the day to write down everything you found out in that call, and more importantly use a post call report.

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting number two: Be organised by having a system 

This is broken down into two parts and we’ll discuss the second part in tip number 3.

I use a template/CRM to record all the details and information I learn from a prospect on a call.

It’s really important for me to record the date, time and name of contact, the follow up of the call and personal points of interest.

I won’t go into a list here because it will vary from prospect to prospect but information such as birthdays, sports teams, pain points e.g. “supplier taking too long” so I can build a rapport by offering them solutions but also making a personal connection.

Some people prefer to use a notepad but a word of caution pages can be very difficult to find let alone decipher into meaning 3-6 months later.

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting number three :Re-iterate what was explained on the call

With our current situation throwing the world upside down it is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxiety to rise and things get forgotten.

Alleviate a little bit of that pressure for you and your prospect by using your post call report as an opportunity to summarise everything you explained on the call via email.

Write up your notes on your post call report template but then put these into a short-form email – ideally between 50-125 words in length – to remind them what product or service you’re are able to offer them as a solution and when you will be back in touch.

Also take this opportunity to add some of the personal things you’ve learnt via the call, this will add personality and help develop a deeper connection with your prospect.

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting number four : Don’t just file it away, use your post-call report

The next time you get in contact with your prospect spend 5 minutes before the call looking over your notes from the previous call – your post call report.

This information will help you remember what it is you said regarding helping with their pain points, where they were in the buying cycle and what big occasions have been happening for them personally.

Perhaps, you might congratulate them on a promotion or a wedding anniversary.

I’m not saying you need to push for this information during a previous call but if they have mentioned it then it’s appropriate as an acquaintance to show interest.

Top Tips for Post Call Reporting Bonus Video Tip

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Additional Resources

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