Using Customer Feedback To Sell More

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Using Customer Feedback To Sell More

Do you use customer feedback to help you sell more?

Do you think as we come out of lockdown that gaining sales is going to get a lot more challenging?

Then let me walk you through how you can use customer feedback to help you sell more.

Tough times ahead

For those for us that have previously been through tough times, we know one of the first things that many companies look at is what costs they/we can cut.

If you are considering the need to reduce staff or service providers I want to highlight the importance of retaining customers. Did you know that a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%?

But to retain your customers you need to get on board with asking for and using customer feedback.

Below I’ve highlighted a few things to consider when developing a customer centric approach to your business.

‘The customer is always right’

The first thing you need to get in your mind when asking for feedback is that feedback is not based solely on fact.

The client might be able to highlight statistics from implementing your product or service, but it is almost always their interpretation of the results and never the wider picture. Remember they are passionate about their business and the success you promised so feedback will be led by emotion and opinion rather than facts and figures.

I want you to remember 2 things:

  • Just because it doesn’t work for them, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else
  • And keeping to the age old expression ‘The customer is always right’

These are two very contradicting statements but both very important. Remember when it comes to your customer it’s their business, their success, and their own money that they’ve parted with.

This makes their feedback extremely valuable but that doesn’t change your whole business based on one person’s opinion. I’ve seen it happen, instead, you need to spend time analysing before adapting.

Don’t fear it – embrace it

Getting a ‘warts and all’ view of your business from your most honest critics can be daunting.

Remember, most people who give feedback are doing it based on what they perceive. It’s another person’s viewpoint. Negative feedback does seem scary but it serves really important functions.

It allows the customer to air their grievances according to their hopes they had in your product versus the reality and it allows you to gain insight into why your customers aren’t happy.

It doesn’t mean all the market research you did was pointless, this research allowed you to create a great product but now it needs tweaks.

Remember, 95% of unhappy customers return to your business if their issue was resolved quickly and efficiently. 

Build feedback into your sales process 

Use the feedback you receive, both good and bad, to feed into your sales process all the way down the line.

Understanding their feedback will help you effectively cross-sell or upsell another product that is likely to more suitable for their needs.

For example, they currently purchase a product from you every month, but their feedback indicates that their business has advanced and outgrown what you’re currently offering you can use this information to cross-sell or upsell to something more relevant.

Adapt to the information you have. If you’ve got another product that fits their needs better offer it to them.

Asking for continuous feedback gives you the opportunity to spot any issues and opens opportunities to offer something new before they might give up on you and go elsewhere.

Share your feedback and let your target audience see

Customer feedback is an insight into your company, your product, your brand, etc. all of it is so valuable.

It’s customer feedback that Apple uses to inform their product innovation as they understand the value of this information.

Do you share customer feedback with your employees?

Good feedback is always morale boosting for you and your staff. For your target audience, it shows you have developed a great product that they need. Share this feedback online through your social media channels.

A quick tip: Don’t hide those negative online reviews. Even though they may not be seen that unhappy customer will be talking about their negative experience offline. Engage with the person and control the narrative. Other potential buyers want to see that you have time to handle feedback and take care of their needs.

The Sales Mindset Coach resources available to you

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