Valuing people & its relationship to prospecting

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Business, Marketing

Valuing people & its relationship to prospecting

What your customers think of you might differ quite drastically from how you perceive yourself;

  • 17% of Sales Professionals think they’re pushy, compared to 50% of prospects. This means there is 33% of Salespeople who are being pushy who are absolutely oblivious to it. 1 in 3.
  • 3% of prospects trust the Sales Professionals. Changing this stat is a crucial element of my #ElevateEverywhere mission.
  • Both statistics come from the HubSpot Sales Perception Survey 2016
I had a reminder recently that people can surprise you. Often its the bad things like a car changing lanes & not indicating, or, in a cinema answering a phone call when the movie has started. But sometimes, just sometimes, people will make you realise you’ve only seen the tip of their iceberg.

Despite making special efforts to encourage more voices into conversations to hear everyone’s point of view, I can still be guilty of taking people for granted at times.

As an example I was in the pub with a friend recently and learned that he could fix iPhones. This is something completely left field from what he normally does, and it took me aback just enough to remind me of another friend who’d surprised me recently with something equally as out of the blue.

This not knowing enough about the people directly around me had an impact. Until you really take the time to get to know people, by having meaningful conversations, you never uncover this unknown value.

I thought further that not knowing is not only preventing me from appreciating their true value, but it can also be detrimental. Judging people or putting my foot in it by saying something insensitive before I know them is another obvious pitfall I’ve all fallen into before which leaves me feeling a bit embarrassed.

All this can be related to Prospecting & Sales, because unless you know your customer and you know what you’re selling would add value, you’re assuming a lot. As we’ve just seen, assumptions are often misplaced, and can trip you up, even amongst people you know.

You could be wasting a lot of breath that is completely irrelevant, when all it would take is a couple of questions at the start of the conversation to hone in on specifically what they need, or why they would benefit from what you’re selling.

I just love the way Graham Hawkins of @SalesTribe frames prospecting in his Future of Sales Top 20 & Rule #14. He gives his view of “Pipeline Constipation”

After you know where their pain points are, you stop selling and you begin demonstrating how you could help them. People don’t like being sold to, but they like buying things that will make their lives easier.

You might read this and you think this doesn’t apply to you. Let’s be honest, we often like to think things don’t apply to us. But you might be one of the 33% of Sales people who don’t think they’re pushy, whilst your prospect disagrees!

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