Well I never I saw that coming (Twice!)

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Sales Leadership

Well I never I saw that coming (Twice!)

A chance meeting that led to some amazing developments!

I sat down for lunch and who walked in but Beverly and Clare.

They are both members of The Sales Mindset Facebook Group and Clare has worked through The Accelerator Programme so “knowing” each other we had lunch together.

The Accelerator Programme

We spoke about business, life and families. It was really nice and during that conversation, I must have mentioned about my interest to find an office to work from so I could develop my 1 on 1 Coaching offer to clients.

Anyway, a few days passes and up popped a message from Beverly pointing me in the direction of an office available in Millhouses, Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield.

I acted quickly and arrange to go view the office the next day (Thursday). Oh boy this was great just what I was looking for. Plenty of space and plenty of parking for clients.

I was interested, it was a bit to pricey but I could really see the potential. I left the viewing really positive and considering my options and how to make the finances work.

On Friday morning I went to my planned weekly book meeting with Neil Anderson. We meet weekly and work through the content for my book “Funnel Vision”.

I mentioned the office to him and he reminded me that Rob Taylor of 0114 Marketing had mentioned in the past he was looking for an office and it might be worth a chat.

So Friday midday I sent Rob a message, a couple of photos. Rob replied with “interesting, can I see it?”

So Monday 9.30am we both pitched up and by 10.00am we were sharing an office. We’ve moved in and are both thinking about how the full potential in a Sales and Marketing collaboration to businesses and the Sheffield Region.

So if it not for that chance meeting, a Burrito, a thoughtful follow up, a pointer in the right direction and quick decisive action, this would not have happened.

Opportunity knocks!

Then in the same week I was asked to support Shell UK and help them and offer some sales training to one off their key customers.

Remember I left Shell 2 years ago after working for them for 23 years!

I had really not pursued working with Shell but was delighted to grab the opportunity to work with Shell and Euro Car Parts.

I spent 3 hours this Thursday morning working with ECP on Sales Pipeline Management and Pre Call Planning.

corporate sales training sheffield

Take a look at the feedback! To say this boosted my confidence and to know that what I offer is relevant to sellers in mega brands and business owners is just so exciting.

Honestly when I talk about The Sales Growth Club Lives you are getting training that is amongst the best out there.

Here are the next two Sales Growth Club Live Workshops.

Live Events

It was fun to be back in the Shell environment but as The Sales Mindset Coach and not an employee. It was also fantastic to recognise that relationships that are built on trust and are built on value stand the test of time.

Here’s to whatever comes next week!

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