What can you Learn From Each Sales Call

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Sales Execution

What can you Learn From Each Sales Call

What can you Learn From Each Sales Call 

What percentage of customers are frustrated when sellers don’t have the correct information?

  1. 92%
  2. 84%
  3. 57%
  4. 46%

Every time you try to make a sale or get a new customer you are managing interactions. You have belief in your product and you are trying to explain to your prospect how it can help them.

Yet, eighty-four per cent of customers are frustrated by sellers not having the right information. You can fix this by taking advantage of post-call reporting. It’s not difficult, doesn’t require a lot of time and can make a positive impact on your relationship with the prospect.

I often hear many frustrations which I think are easily managed or fixed, so thought I would outline below.

I didnt get the info I wanted

If you look back over your notes the next time you go to contact your prospect or client and you have no information that is personal or related to their next steps you’ll be going off your memory.

We only remember a fifth of what we hear so the rest of the information unless written down is forgotten.

This isn’t a personal failing, its just our short term memory is 20-30 seconds. Making a note of key information such as any personal hobbies e.g. sport, theatre, etc and the outcomes and/or next steps with this client or prospect will give you a great starting position the next time you contact them.

That might be in 4 weeks away or in 6 months but this key information avoids wasting their time and makes you appear professional.

I cant remember everything we spoke about

We all work in different ways. Some of us prefer to use our phones and tablets while some of us prefer to use pen and paper.

No matter which way you prefer to work, make sure to have systems in place so that as soon as you are finished on the call you can make notes.

This could include a template to work from that’s handwritten and filed away or more preferable a CRM system.

Just make sure you not only remember to write down notes but remember where you save them, this can easily happen through habit.

Its wasted admin because I dont use it

You could make really valuable notes including info such as an event they are going to and what is the most important selling point in a product or service to them, even their birthday to send a well times card.

However, if you don’t use these notes then it is going to be time you’ll never get back.

Remind yourself that you’re making these notes to be able to eventually make that sale.

You’ll do that by making sure you meet their needs, remember most people buy because of a desire to improve their life. Use the six types of buyer profiles to set the theme for your post-call report.

Top tip: Get organised, find a system that works for you e.g. electronic notes, emails to yourself or notepads but use that system to have those notes to hand the next time you get in touch with that contact.

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