When Is The Best Time To Make A Sales Call?

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Sales Execution

When Is The Best Time To Make A Sales Call?

When is the best time to make a sales call?

This after all is the key question isn’t it! “when is the best time to make a sales call?”

When am I most likely to reach the right person, have them in a good space so they listen to me and that they are in the buying mood and likely to agree to a follow up meeting.

So when is the best time to make a sales call?

You’ve psyched yourself up and you’re getting ready to make that call!

You’re not going to read from a script, you’re going to ask all about the client to make sure you’re really helping them out with what you can provide.

You’ve even done a little bit of background research on them, so you actually know what you’re selling will be brilliant for them.

You know you’re personable and you’re not going to be pushy at all.

Ok, here goes.


“Oh, hi there, I was wondering if I’d be able to speak to Michelle?”

“This is Michelle, can I ask who’s calling please?”

“Hi, Michelle, it’s Steve, I just wondered have you got a couple of minutes at the moment so I can show you how I can help you with my new online service?”

“Sorry, Steve,
now’s not a good time, sorry I’m really busy.”

“Is there a better time t-“


Sorry, Steve I’ve got to go….Thanks David can you just put it on my desk?”

Call Ended 

There goes your Monday motivation!

Everything was in place, Michelle was perfect. If she doesn’t want to know, why would anyone else?

So what went wrong?

You only thought about yourself.

You were ready to make the call.

But Michelle had just gotten in after a weekend break away where she had no service.

The gang in the office hadn’t been able to get hold of her and as soon as she got in Monday morning, she was inundated with work.

The last thing she had time for was a Sales call.

Is it this regular outcome to your sales calls that has influenced your sales approach?

Via a poll I recently asked my free FaceBook Group The Sales Mindset Group what is your preferred sales approach?”  and the results of that poll underline that people still belief that the phone is less effective than a face face to face approach.

Now I recognise that the question I ask and the results of the poll is not conclusive, but, it certainly indicates a preference doesn’t it?

So when do people have time?

We ask again “when is the best time to make a sales call?”

We could answer this question “when is the best time to call” by the logical response “when your customer is ready to take your call”.

This implies you know your customers working habits and preferences. If you have this knowledge then give yourself a big pat on the back as you’ve cracked the code.

Those amongst us (and as a clue that’s the majority) who don’t know the working habits of our customers and prospects should check out this article from HubSpot “Best Times of the Day to Make a Sales Call in 2020” 

When is the best time to make a sales call?

🎯 Best Days To Cold Call?
Thursday is the best day to prospect with Wednesday the second best.
Meanwhile, in the legion of doomed Sales calls, Tuesday is the worst day.
Friday and Monday statistically don’t have much in the way of difference between them.

But you shouldn’t worry about that, because now you know you should be making your calls on Thursday, or Wednesday if you can’t do Thursday.

🎯 Best Times To Cold Call?
The best times for a sales call is 4:00 – 5:00pm and the next best time slot is 8:00 – 10:00am.

The worst times to cold call are 11:00am and 2:00pm. People are in the flow of working after spending the morning reading blogs about when the best time to make sales calls is 😉.

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Getting past the dreaded Gatekeeper!

Getting Past the GatekeeperA job that’s been created because of previous poor sales behaviours and its purpose it to filter out calls that don not add value. The role isn’t in place to make it easy, understand the role, use the opportunity but do not avoid them.

To help you, there’s even more for you in this week article because I’ve put together in a free download my 8 top tips to get past the Gatekeeper!

Get your FREE download here!

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