Winning Business Online

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Business Strategy

Winning Business Online

Time to go back to work but try and work from home’.

I’m not sure about you but that sentence alone is enough to confuse most business owners as we/they try and navigate employees and even ourselves back into the office. 

As you will notice from my social media posts I’ve been back in the office for the last few weeks, trying to navigate the space with my co-sharer Rob. So far it’s working well.

Whether you’re confused or not, currently, network meetings still remain online and are producing some amazing online meetings where business is being generated.

But why are they working, let’s look at what can you do to achieve the results you want from networking.

Start by checking out the free download The Magnificent 7 of Networking .

Now lets look at a few more area that will lead to results when networking:

Attending network meetings allows me to find people interested in my product/service.

Whether online or in a physical setting, attending network meetings gives you the chance to pitch your product or service. From 4N’s 40-second pitch to BNI’s 60-second member’s slot where you are you welcomed to promote ‘sell’ your product or service.

You certainly might not feel comfortable talking about your product to people you have only just met in shops, offices or recreational places but networking is designed to take away the uncomfortable feeling and provide the perfect environment.

We might now be online but it still works thanks to the hard work of some of the leading network companies, but it’s still on you to make it work but adjusting your sales funnel to fit.

Not sure what that should look like – head to my free online course, SPANCOP.

Did you know that a networking pitch was originally called an elevator pitch because the time it takes for an elevator to reach it’s floor should be enough to pitch your idea,

Frequent attendance at network meetings allows me to build relationships with prospects.

By frequent attendance, at network meetings, you’ll know when a prospect is ready to sit down and discuss business with you.

How it works is super simple, but sometimes we still need to see it written down. The recipe usually works like this: 

Attend network > Share knowledge and skills > Gain trust and authority > Build relationships > Convert prospects. 

But I appreciate that it’s not always a straight line, and steps 1, 2 and 3 might need to be repeated several times before moving onto step 4.

This is where frequent attendance comes in. Additionally, by attending network events you can build a list of contacts who will also share their knowledge and skills to upskill your knowledge and experience to sell.

To get a head start head to my free Pre-call planning online course that will explain how to build trust through prospecting which can be adapted to online networking.

Online networking gives me back time to spend on my sales funnel.

Online networking may not be your preferred method of networking especially with technology, home distractions and social distancing. But it does have its plusses in the form of timesaving, most notably time saved travelling to each network meeting.

You can use this time in a practical way by sending emails with the information requested, calling people to discuss next steps, completing a post-call report in the same way you would after a call.

If your prospect isn’t ready to buy now, add some information to the template for the next time you meet them at a network or on a call.

There’s so much more to learn

Networking online brings up a whole new range of excuses, and I think at times it needs to be called out as it is.

If you’re not networking online is it really because it doesn’t work or more to do with you being unprepared or no adapting to change.

To not have the sales strategy and associated funnels to turn leads into sales. Can this be fixed with education? Most likely, through courses like my Accelerator Programme.

The Accelerator Programme

The benefits, well additional to teaching you how to sell effectively, it’s affordable at only £47, you manage the learning at your own pace, you keep the content for a lifetime and can reuse it and your business needs change. 

Sign up here for the Accelerator Online Sales Training Programme

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