With A Little Help From My Friends

by | Sep 27, 2020 | Growth Management, Sales Leadership

With A Little Help From My Friends

With a little help from my friends, I sat down to consider the subject of this article. The subject this month in The Sales Mindset Coach syllabus is Finding Your Ideal Client.

A really important thing for sellers and business owners to understand, as it helps sales cadence and confidence.

But as I was starting to frame out this article because I could get out of my head the recent announcement of the Prime Minister and the whole work at home if you can message with it the looming likelihood of more restrictions and a lockdown.

Let alone sellers still on furlough and those with industries with no support e.g the entertainment industry. Don’t worry this isn’t a political post.

Because of this, I decided before we jump into Finding Your Ideal Client we should take stock and connect back to solid advice that my “sales friends” have been sharing on recent episodes of Sales Talk.

My belief is that reminding ourselves of a few wise words and accessing expert advice in these troubling times will ensure that any marketing or outbound activity you do stands a better chance of achieving a good outcome moving forward.

With A Little Help From My Friend Jim Irving – Author of The B2B Selling Guide

Jim has over 43 years experience in high end enterprise technology sales.  He has carried his own bag for decades, successfully led SME’s and large corporate organisations.  He has won multiple sales and leadership awards.  For the last 14 years he has worked to help many start-ups accelerate their growth and business success.  

In fact, you could almost think of the value message as a new GateKeeper

Jim Irving

I love this message because it highlights that unless you quickly get to the value to sell you won’t get to talk to the decision maker. It also calls out that you need to know deeply the problems you solve and how they help your buyer.

With A Little Help From My Friend Daniel Disney – Author of The Million Pound LinkedIn message

Daniel help companies, sales teams and sales leaders sell more with LinkedIn, it’s that simple. More leads, more pipeline, more revenue, more customers and more business.

Daniel also runs The Daily Sales LinkedIn’s most popular community for salespeople and sales leaders. We have over 600,000 followers growing every single day. We work with companies who are selling products or services to sales teams to help them reach that audience.

and that’s where you need to find that sweet spot – you do need to show you ,let people get to know you

Daniel Disney

This is important to me as it highlights that even in a digital world and on social media platforms relationship building is a requirement. Taking the time to nature relationships online will help your buyer in the their buying decisions.

 With A Little Help From My Friend Simon Hares, International sales trainer and founder of SerialTrainer7 Ltd 

Simon is a highly skilled Sales and Training Professional with over 20 years of experience developing people to meet their potential.

For the Sales Managers who are being asked to chase the numbers, make up lost ground a put in forecasts for 2021 Simon spells out what a Sales Managers focus should be right now! 

The best sales leaders are the ones that don’t sit in offices”

Simon Hares

This point resonated with me because you might be finding hard to get out and help your sales team right now, but, you have to. Be that joining calls, setting up regular time to talk with them or really understanding what’s going on in their worlds right now. Your job is to provide the utmost care and provide leadership.

Sales Talk TV

A Sales TV channel designed for business owners and sellers. We hear from people like us, the grafters, who balance all the activities required to successfully run their own businesses.

This means that connecting all these activities together to ensure we generate sales isn’t always obvious or easy. Sales Talk talks with experts in their field.

I talk with them about what they do and they generously share experience and insights that just might Make Selling Easy!

Listen to the full episodes and find more help from my friends

Sales Talks Playlist is here 👉🏼 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ArRP85YLulwn_dBvv922dmEulmYVENw

Jim Irving Sales Talk Episode 14 | How to Nurture B2B Sales in 2020 and Beyond” Premiers Tuesday 22nd September

Daniel Disney Sales Talk Episode 12 | Using LinkedIn to find your sales sweet spot. https://youtu.be/89-kRhQBFAk

Simons Hares Sales Talk Episode 13 | Adapting to a post COVID sales strategy https://youtu.be/Exidgagcma8

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